Paintin’ Place Ceramics offers a wide variety of products and services, including a large selection of greenware and bisque, classes taught by our certified instructors for all ages, workshops and seminars, finished pieces, kiln firing, wine bottle slumping, kiln repair and fix-it projects. We have more than 25,000 molds available to choose from. Gift certificates are available for purchase.

Interested in Class?

Class Descriptions and Schedules: Learn how to clean greenware, glaze, stain, antique and so much more! We have a large selection of greenware and bisque for you to choose from. All classes are held in our classroom and taught by our certified instructors. Necessary supplies are available for purchase in our store (no outside products please). Firing fees are extra. Class Times and Fees: 

  • Tuesday Evening 7:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Thursday Morning 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Saturday Morning 9:30am – 12:30pm

Adult Classes – $8.00 per 3 hour session (firing fees extra) Children welcome for Saturday classes – $10.00 per class. Must be over the age of 6 and accompanied by an adult. *Fee does not include the ceramic piece. Brushes and paints are included, glaze and firing are additional.

Special Product Offer:

We have the Skutt KM1027-3 in store TODAY! Suggested Retail Price: $4262.50 but come in today to enjoy our in-store price $3836.25. 

The Skutt KM1027-3 fires to a Cone 10 and has 3″ bricks. The dimensions for the firing chamber are 27″ deep and 22″ wide.

Check out our variety of consignment kilns! So many options that you can pick up today!


Used for $400

240V, 20 AMP, Single phase

17″ wide x 18″ deep

Cone 6 (2200 max firing temp)

Kiln sitter with no timer

Comes with: Posts- 6 each in sizes 1″ thru 6″, 3 Full round shelves, 1 Half round shelf, and miscellaneous stilts.



Used for $350

240V, 15 AMP, Single phase

15″ wide x 13″ deep

Cone 8 (2300 max firing temp)

Kiln sitter with no timer

Comes with: Posts- 6 each in sizes 1″ thru 5″



Used for $950

240V, Single phase

23″ wide x 27″ deep

Cone 6 (2200 max firing temp)

Comes with: 2 boxes of miscellaneous stilts